Thursday, 30 September 2010

A night out.

We've had a night out on the town. Thought we'd try out the local cinema - by local I mean 20 mins drive away in Builth Wells, as the closest thing to a cinema in Llandod is film night at Friends of the Earth in the Quaker meeting house.

Builth's cinema is located in the Wyeside Arts Centre - another volunteer-run, community-based, lottery-funded project. It is delightful and felt very arty to be there. Here's how the conversation went at the Box Office:-

Me: "Hi. Is The Illusionist on tonight?" (I'm not the chatty sort)
Volunteer: "it is now"

Here's Ian in his seat - it was a difficult choice - he didn't want to take anyone else's place or block anyones view. Never before have we had a whole cinema to was great.

The film we saw was great too - a very cool animation with absolutely brilliant artwork and a sadly sweet story about a down-at-heel magician trying to make a living. Here's a link.

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