Wednesday, 1 September 2010

BOG Blog

Hooray I have at last worked out how to set up a new blog, so all those thoughts of the last month since we came here can now be translated into posts. I will however start from today, as going back over everything we've done would be tedious.

So todays picture is me having just pulled my leg out of a welsh bog. This was on top of the hill called Abergwesyn Common, about 30mins from our house, on a stunning walk with our friends, Sharon, Jez and Rath. I think of these hills as 'the Quantocks' and we look across the valley of 'Taunton Deane' to the 'Blackdowns' in Somerset terminology. In reality they are quite different as they are deserted, paths are lost under bracken and years of deliberate neglect, and some of them are made of BOG. As I sank down my first thought was 'Quicksand' and then 'Bog' and sat down to avoid going any deeper than my knees. Thoughts of the bog-snorkelling championships taking place a few miles away in Llanwrtyd (Thlan-oo-ted) made me feel slightly better. Here's the link though you might have to cut and paste it at the moment until I've worked out the technology:-

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