Monday, 13 September 2010

Hearing God? yes please

Wow I've just booked myself into a weekend course called "The Art of Hearing God". But what a struggle it was to do it. I KNEW I wanted to go on the course but everything in me was saying, "don't bother, it'll be a waste of time" and "it'll be too nerve-wracking doing it on your own", and "you can book it but you can always back out". What rubbish! I want to know God better, to learn to hear his voice more clearly, to grow in the 'prophetic', and I even have a sense of desperation about it - is anything/anyone else in life really worth pursuing? We can feel so pressurized to conform to our materialistic all-inclusive world and I for one find it hard to keep on standing up as a Christian ie. to have no compromise, no fear of speaking the truth about Jesus Christ - even though I am sometimes absolutely overwhelmed by his love for us and for our hurting world. I have even found it hard to write this on my blog - knowing God is the single most important thing in my life, yet I think twice about writing it and what people will think!! Crazy old me.

Anyway, I've done it and paid the fee. October 7th - 9th is in the diary. For those interested it's with something called Streams Ministries and is held in Cheltenham.
They also do courses on interpretation of dreams, and using your prophetic gifting. Oh, and for anyone who's thinking "that's only for you religious people" I want you to know that there is no divide. God is speaking to all of us - we just need to hear him. Religion just gets in the way.


  1. Well done you!! Jez x

  2. Hi Rosie

    So pleased you are blogging again - keep it up - its a must read! Caroline x x x x (Phillips)