Monday, 6 September 2010


So, where to begin? My fav picture of the weekend I think - Barney waiting to play on the Pembrokeshire coast path (great care taken in not throwing ball off cliff...)

Yes it probably should have been the castles at Carew or Manorbier, the ancient tidal mill with its 23 acre millpond, or the King's Quoit burial chamber (3000BC), but whilst the history is always fascinating nothing makes me laugh like this little dog.

Still, this morning we are back into things with Ian having three new staff starting today at Ashfield Community Enterprise - Dorian, the volunteer coordinator, Joe, the musician-turned-horticulturalist, and Richard the builder. So it feel like things are happening there at last. Hopefully it will start to lose its rather neglected, tumbleweed atmosphere, PEOPLE will start to arrive, and WORK will begin.

I, meanwhile, will have a morning agonising over the plumbing at Pengotton - should we have radiators, thermaskirt or underfloor heating and in which rooms at what cost, and thinking how we could possibly need 4 loos in a house with only two people living in it? We are still going through the design process, and though at times feel incredibly frustrated that nothing has happened there for several months we are mindful of Kevin McCloud's advice (not face to face unfortunately) that "most people spend one year planning, and two years building, but it should be the other way around".

It's not all inactive though, I'm hoping by the end of this week we'll have a visit from the borehole man with his drilling rig. I can't wait to see WATER coming up out of the ground. (....he says he's also hoping to see water come out of our ground as 'no water, no fee'... I see his point.)

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