Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Roadkill Cafe, Wales

Well - I've made it back to Newbridge plus dog, to be greeted by the smell of dinner cooking. Mmmm, it smells just chicken, definitely not pork - but it's white so perhaps goat? or turkey? Well it turns out Ian didn't have time to go shopping but what a stroke of luck he passed a run-down pheasant on the road to Llandovery yesterday. Oh the joy of having a husband who can cook. I knew we should never have gone to Arizona to the Roadkill Cafe - they really do trade in dead meat scraped off the blistering tarmac.

And yes, sometimes he really CAN cook - fabulously. But today was more on a par with the most disgusting dessert ever made - here it is - powdered banana flavoured diet moussy thing with out-of-date dried banana chips that later got sold to Paignton Zoo for the chimps. Yep, definitely not 10 out of 10 for that one, but it didn't put me off taking the risk to my health of marrying him.

Anyway, full marks for creativity, ingenuity, cost cutting, eating local, fairly traded, low carbon food. Shame about the mental image I now have of Ian stopping the car, picking up the dead and allegedly warm animal, slicing off its breasts and lovingly preparing it for my return. I think that means he loves me.

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