Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Minus 13 again... let me out!

We woke up this morning to a frosted white minus 13 world again. Every twig and leaf is encrusted with crystals. The snow has an icy crust over the top that you break with a loud crunch every time you take a step, the river is moving only under its frozen surface and the blue sky is the only colour in sight.

We can see Lan Ganol, above, our own version of 'sugarloaf' mountain, from our bedroom window if you lean out and peer round to the right. For all the beauty I am a little tired of being stuck here with my car iced up day after day, wearing two pairs of socks and wellies every time i go out. Cars are parked randomly at road junctions while their occupants walk miles down frozen lanes from their houses to their cars to get to work. Now we understand why there are so many landrovers in this part of the world and i am grateful for ians gas-guzzling truck. Still, the forecast is for warmer weather by the end of the week.... by which time we'll be back down south in the relative warmth of Somerset....not that it's warm anywhere at the moment.