Wednesday, 10 November 2010

A Polytunnel called Tom

Just so we can't be accused of all play and no work I've put a few photos of Ashfield to show what's been happening here this week. We've had 9 people on site today so there's been a bit of a buzz with everyone putting their hand to the plough. It feels great - I love working with other people outdoors. And the best bit is - you start a job and someone else finishes it! I'm all in favour of community gardening.

We also met with Rob Ijbema, a 'proper' artist who paints in oils - and I am very excited that he has agreed to come and teach a course for us in the new year. My job - advertising. Easy Craft Workshops Take 2. Can't wait. Have a look at his work here:-

Ian at his desk (and Barney at his)

This is 'Tom', one of the 4 polytunnels on site. We cleared the old aubergines, beans, chillis etc out of Tom, re-composted, repaired the paths and planted onions and winter salad leaves. All very satisfying and 'dig for victory'. It's amazing to plant things when the temperature is already dropping to freezing here.

Pippa, Roz, Jan and myself cleared brambles from a ditch and made a huge bonfire...

Ray and Terry have been stripping out the inside of the house. It will be divided into two flats and let out to raise some revenue for the project. There is a certain deja-vue walking round the house at the moment. Even the bright yellow walls..... (must have been trendy in the 80's). It's strange that both ends of our life have semi-derelict houses and lots of mud to contend with, but hopefully both will improve in the next year.

Ian, Tom and Brian are repairing the potting shed roof...

And lastly, the beautiful sky on my cycle ride home today...

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