Monday, 29 November 2010

Oil painting at Ashfield...

So what's happening over at Ashfield? In the cold weather the boiler has broken so everything seems to have closed down. No one can work in the offices or in the polytunnels. Greenland has hit.

I've been making a small contribution in the background over the last week though.
Rob Ijbema will be teaching oil painting in the new year and here's the poster... I've just got to get it printed and laminated and put it up on all the notice boards and in shops and the library. I've got no idea how
many people will book - it's possible we'll get loads but we just have to wait and see. Then we'll have to get the room ready and send out all the info to participants....

The other thing i've been doing is some artwork and a leaflet for Ian's Springbox idea. This is a christmas gift idea where you buy a garden box for a friend - and all the plug plants and seeds are delivered in the spring ready to plant. All you need for a complete vegetable or wild flower garden. So first we have to sell the boxes... then we have to grow the plants... I keep seeing this vision of Alan Sugar shaking his head and asking "so why exactly did you offer to post the boxes for £5 when it's actually going to cost £7.50?" Good point. I SO couldn't go on the Apprentice. I don't think we'll post the boxes at all - delivery only.

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