Friday, 4 March 2011

House latest....

The roof is at last being fixed. Having initially thought we'd keep the roof it has turned out that most of it has had to be replaced due to rotten rafters and basically it's old barn-like construction. The building will hopefully be as energy-efficient as possible so we're making a 'warm roof' - ie. it has insulation between the rafters and then a whole duvet layer over the top under the battens which doubles up as roofing felt (TLX Gold).

Here's Steve fixing the new purlins - the gap in the rafters will become a dormer window in the next couple of weeks. Behind is Gotton Manor Nursing Home. Perhaps we should keep the scaffolding like some sort of giant balcony!
The first floor is in - lovely chunky beams and joists. And it has that lovely smell of bare wood. The stairs will go where the ladder is.
Upstairs - the spreading roof has been saved by re-using the old floor joists to hold it all together. You can just see where the old floor was - the line of cement blobs just below the top of the stone walls....

Downstairs, this was the one door we were planning to keep :( As the building has been taken apart we've discovered it was altered and extended very badly over the years - basically bodged - hence all the damp and cold - it was leaking like a seive. Of course having discovered this you just have to put it right... hmm not so sure about moving in in June any more...
A much better view is towards the garden. The daffs are just bursting into flower now and blossom is on the trees.
We've put up bird boxes made from offcuts ....
but the best times are when friends come to visit ...


  1. So funny - I could actually smell that fresh wood -you must be a very skillful writer!!!

    Are you going to have a lovely large fireplace??
    I was the one who suggested a gallery by the way, - I forgot to sign my name!!

    Caroline Phillips x x x x

  2. Lovely, can't wait to visit again :) Jez x

  3. Hi Caroline, no i don't think we're having a fireplace - just woodburner and flue pipe....I say 'i don't think' because we keep changing our minds!