Thursday, 17 February 2011

Big fat gypsy lifestyle......

Ian, Barney and I have turned into a travelling family. This week we are staying with our lovely friend Caroline in Taunton. What a great chance to go for a run.....oh i can't my trainers are in the shed at Pengotton. Well perhaps a swim instead - except my swimming stuff is at mum & dad's.

At least I didn't go to a posh meeting at Harper Adams College in an emergency blue-with-pink-squares tie bought en route from Oxfam in Shrewsbury. Actually it was probably a very trendy tie once upon a time but not exactly right with the white-with-blue-orange-and-pink check shirt he managed to find in the cupboard in our house in Wales. I think his personality carried it off though.

Seriously this has got to be the most stressful time of the whole two years since selling our house in Chedzoy. We give up the house in Newbridge-on-Wye in a month, by which time the room in the garage at Pengotton might be habitable. The Lottery paid for us to move up there with a proper removal firm but not to move back. Of course we are too stingey to pay £800 when we've got a perfectly good trailer, so every week we'll come back with another load. Then the question is where to put it all - back in storage, or elsewhere. So sorting out problems with our roof (the current issue), or getting quotes for plumbing or whatever, happens by phone from wherever. We just can't wait to have everything in one place again.

It's good to get that bit of whingeing over with..... sorry - life's all good really. The house is going well, the builder is fantastic, Ian's loving his new project, the painting course in Wales is off the ground, and Cilla and James and their children are coming to visit next week. So there's lots to look forward to - if I can first work out where I'm looking from!!

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